Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello, Hello, Hello!!!!!!! It seems like an eternity since I have last been on here to write. I have thought about it here and there but it seems to be a quick and passing thought. Tonight I am by myself though, waiting for my loving husband to finish up on a job site and come home to me in just a few hours.

Where do I begin?! The wedding was everything I could have asked for and more. Like I said before; the people who stepped up and offered a helping hand in one way or another were such a huge blessing to me. My stress level dropped every time someone said, "Let me do it". To me the wedding was beautiful, simple, simply...perfect. My fairytale. Sure, we could have had it outside on a distant hilltop but guess what? We had a rainstorm later that evening during the reception. An outside wedding on a hilltop would have been a disaster.

There are two times I was close to tears during our wedding. The first was about 15 minutes before my dad walked me down the aisle. I was sitting on the couch upstairs in the bride room and I felt like I was getting ready for a piano recital. The nerves, shaking, rapid breathing. What made it funny but worse at the same time; my cousin, who was also the flower girl for the wedding, was watching the clock the whole time while we were waiting up in the room. Every 5 minutes she would say,"It's almost time!" or "It's just about show time!"- I still don't know if she was giving herself a pep talk or trying to just let me know time was getting closer.-
The second time I had tears come to my eyes was right after Josh and I lit the Unity candle while Will Stucky played and sang "Such a Love". It is kinda a funny story... about a month or so before the wedding I was at church Sunday morning and Stucky softly played the keys and sang this song. While I was worshiping my heart was so moved and God spoke to me and said,"This is your song." I didn't really understand what He was talking about then He gave me a picture in my head of Stucky singing that song at our wedding. Right then, it all made sense. It was the perfect song for the unity candle. Not only were Josh and I showing we would together become one, but also God's love is what brought us together and our relationship as one is united with the love of our Savior.

The honeymoon was great! We did have to constantly stay ahead of a hurricane that was down there. Because of this hurricane, our shore excursion was canceled in Cozumel but we were able to go to Progreso and secure a new excursion exploring Mayan ruins!! There was some motion sickness while on the boat because the water was so choppy but it wasn't horrible. We attended a few stand up comedy shows and a musical. I'll put pictures up soon!

We are all settled in Burns Flat now. We were able to go back to Tuttle/Newcastle for Thanksgiving and spend it with both of our families. Our house is decorated for Christmas and we have a cute tree. My artistic side (or lack thereof) has been put to the test in this last week. I, with the help of my mother-in-law, made a Christmas wreath and it's quite pretty if I do say so myself. On Monday night, I sat down and decorated two stockings. There are a few smudges and mistaken paint marks but they are ours and they are unique.

People are always asking me if I am getting adjusted to married life and for the most part I am. I still wake up sometimes wrapped protectively in my husband's arms and can't believe we are married. I am blessed. That's all I know to say.

He is getting back into the swing of work. Since it is the end of the year it has not been as busy as it normally is. Once the new year hits I'm sure that will change. As for me, I am getting used to being a wife, a cook, and a homemaker. I started a class last night that will go on 'til February in which I can receive my CNA (certified nursing assistant) and then I will take a class after that in which I can obtain my CMA ( certified medical assistant). With my CMA I will be able to give medication. We'll see what happens from there.

I hope you all have a wonderful CHRISTmas! Be safe driving around. I know we don't have icy roads yet but they are bound to come.

Until next time,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Looks like I found time to write again before the wedding! Things are still running smoothly and we haven't had any major problems. Hopefully that doesn't happen at all but I am expecting it... just in case. Even though we are only 12 days away now it seems like time is moving so slow. I am glad it is though because I know in the next few days everything is going to be a speedy roller coaster that won't stop 'til after the wedding.

I told you in the last post that Josh and I decided to rent until we found exactly what we were looking for. Before I tell you the story about it I just want to say, God is awesome! We had an agent we started looking at houses with a few weeks ago. After looking at houses and deciding to rent, we went to the housing authority there in Burnsflat to get put on a list and told we were number 15 on the list so it would probably take about a month before we could get into a house. They also said the list is ever changing and be ready for a call. About two weeks later we decided to go back and look at more houses. He had to pay his bill for the lot he is staying on so we went in to pay that and afterwards we decided to stop in at the housing authority to see how the list was looking. What ended up happening was because he hadn't payed his bill yet they really hadn't put our name on the list for a house. So... they then put us on the list and we weren't sure if we would have to stay in the camper trailer for a few weeks after marriage (which is fine) or if we'd be able to get a house before then. Anyway, we were finally put on the list and two days later we got a call saying they had a house for us to move into the next week. If that's not God I don't know what is. We are going this week to sign the papers for the house and hopefully we should be able to start moving in the same day! I told you God is awesome!

My family will start showing up this coming weekend for the wedding! Nona is going to help me with flower arrangements and a few more minor things. We will probably still be getting moved into the house and getting the last minute stuff done. I will be in constant motion I'm sure.

We are having our bachelor and bachelorette parties the Thursday before the wedding. I am excited about that!! The girls on his side of the family i.e. mom, aunts, cousins, etc. took me out for a surprise bachelorette party this past weekend. It was great! I saw sides of these girls I had never seen before. My mom was in on the secret and joined us. I am glad she was able to come. It was a night filled with fun, laughter, secrets, and advice; mixed in with Italian food and Karaoke!

Josh came home early Saturday to surprise me! He wasn't supposed to get off until Wednesday/Thursday of this coming week. He finished the job he was on fairly early on Saturday and they weren't starting any jobs 'til Monday which meant he had Sunday off. Saturday night he and I sat down and made the program for the wedding to give to the necessary people. I tell you that program is a step by step instruction. We really worked hard on it.

God also blessed us with rain this weekend! It was so nice to see it continuously fall like it did. The minute we thought it would start letting up it would start right back up again.

Continue to pray for us in the coming week. So much is going on we will need God's strength and wisdom to accomplish what needs to be done!

Until next time,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And the Count Down Begins

I can't believe I am only a few weeks away from being married. I always thought it was dumb when people started counting down the days when they were still in the 100's but here I am only 23 days away! I am counting down, definitely!

Everything has really ran quite smoothly in the last two months or so. It ended up the event that took our place in the venue room we wanted got canceled, therefore we got it back which was a real blessing to me! I am so thankful for being able to get the room we originally wanted.

We now have everything set for the honeymoon. All we need to do is print off the paperwork! We have the dresses back from being altered. We have all the guys fitted for their tuxes. We have the menu set, a lot of decorations, a plan for the flowers, the music list, a place booked for the wedding night, all the invitations sent out and RSVPs already coming back in. We are still looking for a home but have decided we will rent before we jump into buying anything we may regret later. We know God will work everything out for us so it is not something we are worrying. He has worked everything out thus far, there's no reason to start doubting Him now.

People have been such a true blessing during this busy, exciting, stressful time. It amazes me how people I hardly know have stepped up and gone above and beyond to help me get things running smoothly. All I have had to do was mention an idea and someone steps up and says,"I can do that!" or," let me talk to so-and-so and see if they can do something..." A lot of it has been word of mouth. It all spreads like a wild fire!

The next time I post I will probably be a married woman! Pray for both me and Josh in the days to come because neither one of us know what to expect; in the days before the wedding and the weeks and months after we are married. I am so excited to be marrying the man God has created for me and I for him!

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sick and Tired but Still Smiling!

Here we are to the end of August already. Time has been going by so quickly! We have the wedding shower coming up on Sunday afternoon. I'm very excited. This is all new in my case. It's different when you go to a wedding shower for someone else but when it's your own it's a whole different story.
Right now I am just trying to get better. I had some kind of stomach virus or something that hit me hard last night so I was up all through the night into the wee hours of the morning. I have been in bed all day. It drains the energy out of me to get up and go to the bathroom or go outside to rinse my trashcan out (gross).
Since I last wrote we were just starting to look at houses. I think I was still looking for a venue at that point, and there was still a list of things to be done for the wedding and life after the wedding. We are still looking at houses and waiting on God to see what He wants us to do. There is a HUD house up for bids and it's down to 28 thousand. It's a 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, and right there in town where he is working. He is also looking at another house right now that is smaller but has almost 7 acres on it. It's a quaint little starter house with the 7 acres and a 30x40 shop (which is very appealing to Josh). This house is out of town, away from people, while the HUD house is right there in a neighborhood in the middle of town. There are definitely positives and negatives to each one. It's just a matter of making the right choice. We were also able to get our engagement pictures done and Jessie did amazing!
We now have the venue set and the down payments are made. We have a caterer, photographer, tuxes fitted, dresses being altered, wedding cake chosen, and invitations ordered. We registered for the shower a few weeks ago. That was definitely an experience! Things left to do- we have Josh pick out a groom's cake, get his ring ordered, pick out the pictures to send out with the invitations, and hopefully get a house set and in order so we can put all the things from the shower in there along with the other things we have picked up along the way.
Over all it continues to be a wonderful and fun experience. I love continuing to plan our soon-to- be-married lives together and seeing what all God is doing and will continue to do in our lives!
Until next time,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime Whirlwind

...and that just about says it all really. Ever since I got engaged to the man of my dreams I have been going non stop. I thought life would slow down some after graduation. I was completely wrong. God has been in it every step of the way and I am so thankful for that. Planning the wedding has had its ups and downs. Some things were extremely easy to take care of while other things were extremely difficult. For example- the wedding dress- I may have bought the dress before he even asked me to marry him... the bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl dress, the bouquets, fairly simple to find. We now have all the dresses, the tuxedos are in order, the place is found, the pastor, the DJ, the food, the music. The next thing on the list is engagement pictures, invitations, getting Josh's ring size, and getting a house. A honeymoon too but I am leaving that up to Josh as well.
We have already started looking at houses and he will make an offer on one pretty soon. I am excited to start this new chapter of life. It feels so far away yet at the same time it will come quicker than I realize it. We already only have three months left.
In the last few months since I wrote God has given me a job, a venue, and so many people that are willing and happy to help with the wedding. A few of the people I didn't even know until I got engaged.
It is amazing how much you can find at garage sales for a wedding. Most all of my center pieces have been found at garage sales. I found some couches on craigslist as well! By the time I got over to the house to pick up the couches I had told the couple about my getting married and trying to get stuff ready etc etc. They loaded me up with all sorts of stuff to get started with. For that I was thankful. God has been putting alot of different people in my life to help me with different things. It is a constant reminder that I am not alone.
God has taught me so far over this summer He would give me anything, I just need to ask. He is willing to be there and help me out but I never seem to ask early on. I always try doing it by myself, then by the time I get frustrated and give up I say,"God, could you help me?" and it's not that long after I ask, all these things start happening. Some things I didn't even think to ask. He already has them worked out for me.
The past 3 years or so of constantly running has caught up to me I think. A few weeks ago while sitting at church, I was worshipping God and talking to Him. I was asking Him what it was He wanted me to do for Him. It was funny because I thought He would start giving me some things He wanted me to do but while talking with Him the only thing He told me was,"Just rest in Me. Be still." Definitely not what I expected Him to say to me but I didn't argue.
So...what has my summer been like? I am a wedding planner, a waitress, and a waiter. All three of these things I am okay with. I have done more this summer than I have in a while and summer isn't even over yet, but I have peace with my Father and I know who I am. Because of this, I am able to just rest.
I will definitely write again before the actual big day! Hopefully with much more information and pictures as well.

Until next time,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Popping the Question

I thought things would start to settle down and I am still waiting for them too. From the looks of it I don't think they will so I set aside some time right now to tell this story...

Josh and I have known each other since we were about 16. At 17 we became friends after hanging out at our homeschool group's first Spring Formal. We did not really talk very often. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact we were both trying to find our way in life and had different things going on at that point in time.
A year later at the second Spring Formal we got to talk more and got to know each other better. It was then that I kind of got a crush on him. I knew the timing was not right and I did not know if he actually felt the same way. I let it go and figured if it was supposed to happen it would and I would leave it at that.
Our friendship grew over the next couple years. We were talking more and my family moved closer to his part of town so we were able to hang out more often too. I still didn't know if he liked me like I liked him or not. I wanted to know if all we were going to be were friends or if this friendship would carry on to something farther. Little did I know, he was thinking the exact same thing. I think we were both tired of dancing.
One night he asked me to go out to dinner with him and some friends of his and then go see a movie after. I was super excited because I would be spending my evening with this cool, sweet, amazing guy who I was falling for fast. He came to my house and picked me up for dinner. As we got in the truck and were driving away he said, "My friends aren't able to come to dinner. Something came up, but they said they'd meet up for the movie". I thought,"This is kinda like a real date...I wonder if he planned this..." He didn't but I liked the thought that maybe he did. It worked out quite well though. All through dinner I could tell his mind was preoccupied but I figured he just thought it was awkward to be out to dinner alone with me.
We got to his friend's house and I started to get out of the truck. He reached over, closed the door back real quick, and said,"Hang on a second". Two seconds later he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was so relieved! I wasn't sure if he would actually ever ask and that nervous feeling of whether we were just going to be friends or something more was over. We've been dating now for almost a year.
May 2, 2011 was our ten month anniversary. He was out on a job site all day and I was at school and work. I knew we wouldn't be able to see each other probably 'til a few days later because of his work schedule and his days off. I was not feeling good at all that night and had talked to him just a few hours before telling him I felt horrible. He seemed kind of down but I figured it was because I didn't really feel like talking at that point in time. I hung up with him and about ten minutes later my dad's cell phone went off. He said,"Hello, Josh..." and walked out of the room. I started freaking out a little bit because I thought it was weird my Josh would call my dad at 9 something at night. Still not feeling too hot I grabbed a blanket and curled up on the couch to watch a movie with my family. Around 11:30 my dad gets up to let the dog out. He is outside for a while and when he comes back in Josh walks through my living room! It scares me half to death because I knew he was supposed to be in Burnsflat sleeping after only sleeping for about an hour in the last day and a half. I hid under my blanket and kept doing double takes trying to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. I knew I was sick but I didn't think I was that sick. I peak out from under my blanket again and he is kneeling in front of the couch and he said,"I wanted to be here for our anniversary. I love you. I have this ring. Would you marry me?". I was shocked beyond belief. I still couldn't figure out how he was in my living room when he was sleeping 2 hours away. I said yes and it has been a whirlwind ever since.
It's crazy to think I am actually engaged now and we can really begin planning a life together. This is something I only dreamed about for so many years of my life. After that initial shock of him being there and asking me to marry him we were down by his truck and I told him,"You know those engagement pictures aren't gonna look too great. With me wearing shorts and this baggy T-shirt...and my hair in a mess...". He look at me and said,"This is who I love. I love you. Not what you wear or how you look but what's inside...those other things are just a perk". I love him for that. He loves me for me. He loves me at my worst and loves me at my best. God has blessed me greatly with Josh and He continues to lead and bless both of us.
This is a whole new chapter of my life and I am ready for these next couple months to come. It will definitely be a journey!

Until next time,

Sunday, May 1, 2011


It has been a while since I last posted a blog yet here I am with so much on my mind I hope it makes sense once it comes out.

This morning I attended a church I have been going to for a while now off and on. I am in a weird transitioning stage in my life so I am not really a full-fledged member at any specific church yet but I know what God is wanting me to do. I am just waiting for the right timing. Anyway... I was sitting in the worship service praising God and listening to the music. The worship team had been playing for a good thirty minutes when the pastor stood up and said,"Wait a minute. I want to start this all over again. There is a spirit of complacency here. We are here to worship God. It's not about an hour of song and an hour of preaching; it's not about order. It's about allowing the Spirit of God to move in us and truly worship Him." After saying a few more things he sat back down and the worship team continued. It was as if that complacency that was over the whole building lifted; As if the rainy weather was not a set back any longer. You could feel the whole atmosphere of the auditorium change.
I was moved to tears as I began to watch as people shifted their hearts and minds towards God and began to worship sincerely. People all around the room lifted their hands in praise. What moved me the most was a little girl around the age of 9 who stepped out of the aisle she was in and began twirling around and dancing. The dance was a soft slow dance with such grace and elegance. She had her hands raised, her head lifted, and her eyes closed. I couldn't stop watching her. In that moment she was the only one there. She was dancing for her Father. She was worshipping Him. It was intimate. It was beautiful.
In the same aisle as me a woman walked to the front where the team was playing, took a microphone, and began singing harmony to the song. She poured out her heart and soul to the Maker of the universe. She claimed she wouldn't settle for what is, but would always push for something more with her God. You could see plainly the words she was saying, she wasn't saying for the crowd to hear but she spoke them to the One who loves her more than she'll ever know.

Watching all of this I began to wonder. When did all of this type of worship stop in our churches? What causes us to stop short when we want to lift our hands in praise? Does it not say in the Bible we are to lift our hands in worship? Why do we no longer dance like David did to our God? Is it a fear of what people around us think? That people will laugh at us or stare and point? Is it frowned upon in the church? Why can't we run around when we get so excited about the freedom God has to offer? Do you ever get excited in church and feel held back?

God gave us the ability to worship! He created us to worship Him. When we don't worship Him we are not doing what we were created for. I realize some people worship quietly and that's okay. But what about when the pressure is so great we can't contain our worship and it begins spilling over? We can't hold back because of what people around us are doing or not doing. When we worship, that is between us and the One we worship.

The point to this whole blog is this. If you want to raise your hands, raise your hands. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to run, skip, and jump, do it! No one is stopping you. You were created for that purpose. Don't be afraid of it.

Until next time,

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the Little Things

I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. I must say I have missed writing very much. These last few months have been extremely busy with school and work and everything in between. Classes are going well. We just had a spring break and spent the break down in Texas with family. My best friend, Amanda, and Victoria's best friend, Joy, was able to come with us and spend the week. I was hoping Josh would be able to come as well but he couldn't get off work. Hopefully he will be able to meet my crazy family soon.

I feel like I have been changing over the last few months. The way I think and view things. I know some people worry when people begin to change but change is a continuous thing. If I ever stop changing I think something would be seriously wrong. I want God to be constantly changing me; molding me and making me into who I am supposed to be for Him.

I have seen over the last few months how everything in life is used in some way to work out for God's glory. I realize people say things like this all the time but how much do we really believe it, fully? Many times we find ourselves in situations where we really question how God could use the situation to better us and to give Him glory in the end. In everything He has a purpose. Even in the little things we consider ridiculous. He has a plan. He has always had a plan. If He cares about the birds and has a reason for their existence how much more does He care for us and have a plan for each little part of our lives? He loves us and wants nothing more than to show us how much He cares. When circumstances come in our lives and we don't see how God could have any part in it the amazing thing is...maybe He didn't. Maybe whatever happened was not in his original plan for our lives but through the circumstance He was able to bring us closer to Him and let us see how much He loves us. He was able to completely surround us and say, "I love you". Through the things we see as horrible or an inconvenience God brings us to another chapter of our life that He has been preparing us for. We may not always see his hand in motion but He is painting a beautiful picture of our lives. Even in the little things we can see God. In the sunsets, blooming flowers, a child's laugh. In a death, in a relationship, in a marriage, in a broken relationship. In everything we can see God. We may have to search a little harder sometimes but He is always there. Always molding and making things. Creating them to be a beautiful disaster.

My whole point in this blog is to remind us God is in everything. In the big storms of life or the little whispers of the night. He is there. He is even in the little things.