Monday, June 29, 2009


Wow, it has been over a month since my last post. This summer has been going by extremely fast but here I am again with new stories and adventures to tell you about.

At the beginning of June I began lifeguarding at Rose State College. I wasn't sure how I would like working under a boss and taking orders and things of that nature but I don't really mind it. I really enjoy my job and like the idea that I watch over people in case they start drowning. Just two weeks into the job I was able to do that. A little girl had started going under and could not bring herself back up. Since I was guarding at the time I was able to jump in and get her.
Some people can't stand the place they work at. They can't stand the people they work with, their boss, or their job in general. Other people say the people they work with are just like family, and they would do anything for their co-workers. Since I have started working there I have come to see what people talk about when they say the people they work with are like a type of family. The people I work with are really like a type of family. We all seem to get along very well. We may not all agree on everything or believe the same but we all mesh together, respect eachother, and help eachother out whenever and however we can. So far I have had a blast and to top it all off...tomorrow is payday!

Victoria's birthday was this past Saturday. I can't believe she is now 16 years old! She will be able to get her license next month and she has already found the truck she would like to buy and is just waiting for the person who is selling it to call my dad back with more information on it.
She is becoming a great young lady with great aspirations for her future. I personally can't wait to see the things God has for her in life and the things she will do with her future. I couldn't have asked for a better sister. God knew just what He was doing when He gave me a little sister. Sure, she gets on my nerves sometimes but over the last few years our relationship is not just a relationship between sisters, but has turned into a friendship.

I am glad I decided to not take any summer classes this go around. I think it was a break I really needed. I have been able to enjoy my summer and have not missed being out of school once. I am going in tomorrow though to talk to someone about the classes I should enroll in for the coming semester. I seem to be at a loss in that area. I know what I would like to take but don't feel peace about any of the classes. I should really pray for some guidance. My fall semester classes were not something that was on my prayer list but something I should start considering prayer for.

Along with enjoying my summer break I have also been able to enjoy time with friends. During school that is something I don't really get to do much of but it has been good to hang out with people and getting to know them better and form better friendships because of it. Going to the movies, going bowling, swimming, hiking, Frontier City, volleyball, cookouts, even a concert! It has all been really fun. I have met new people and enjoyed the company of all of them.

I know this was not a real in depth blog and it probably bored you to tears but this is what has been going on this past summer. All busy but fun at the same time. I hope your summer is going fantastic and you are doing all the things you were hoping to do during the warm weather season. Stay cool and drink plenty of water! Don't get dehydrated!

Until next time,