Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime Whirlwind

...and that just about says it all really. Ever since I got engaged to the man of my dreams I have been going non stop. I thought life would slow down some after graduation. I was completely wrong. God has been in it every step of the way and I am so thankful for that. Planning the wedding has had its ups and downs. Some things were extremely easy to take care of while other things were extremely difficult. For example- the wedding dress- I may have bought the dress before he even asked me to marry him... the bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl dress, the bouquets, fairly simple to find. We now have all the dresses, the tuxedos are in order, the place is found, the pastor, the DJ, the food, the music. The next thing on the list is engagement pictures, invitations, getting Josh's ring size, and getting a house. A honeymoon too but I am leaving that up to Josh as well.
We have already started looking at houses and he will make an offer on one pretty soon. I am excited to start this new chapter of life. It feels so far away yet at the same time it will come quicker than I realize it. We already only have three months left.
In the last few months since I wrote God has given me a job, a venue, and so many people that are willing and happy to help with the wedding. A few of the people I didn't even know until I got engaged.
It is amazing how much you can find at garage sales for a wedding. Most all of my center pieces have been found at garage sales. I found some couches on craigslist as well! By the time I got over to the house to pick up the couches I had told the couple about my getting married and trying to get stuff ready etc etc. They loaded me up with all sorts of stuff to get started with. For that I was thankful. God has been putting alot of different people in my life to help me with different things. It is a constant reminder that I am not alone.
God has taught me so far over this summer He would give me anything, I just need to ask. He is willing to be there and help me out but I never seem to ask early on. I always try doing it by myself, then by the time I get frustrated and give up I say,"God, could you help me?" and it's not that long after I ask, all these things start happening. Some things I didn't even think to ask. He already has them worked out for me.
The past 3 years or so of constantly running has caught up to me I think. A few weeks ago while sitting at church, I was worshipping God and talking to Him. I was asking Him what it was He wanted me to do for Him. It was funny because I thought He would start giving me some things He wanted me to do but while talking with Him the only thing He told me was,"Just rest in Me. Be still." Definitely not what I expected Him to say to me but I didn't argue.
So...what has my summer been like? I am a wedding planner, a waitress, and a waiter. All three of these things I am okay with. I have done more this summer than I have in a while and summer isn't even over yet, but I have peace with my Father and I know who I am. Because of this, I am able to just rest.
I will definitely write again before the actual big day! Hopefully with much more information and pictures as well.

Until next time,