Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the Little Things

I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. I must say I have missed writing very much. These last few months have been extremely busy with school and work and everything in between. Classes are going well. We just had a spring break and spent the break down in Texas with family. My best friend, Amanda, and Victoria's best friend, Joy, was able to come with us and spend the week. I was hoping Josh would be able to come as well but he couldn't get off work. Hopefully he will be able to meet my crazy family soon.

I feel like I have been changing over the last few months. The way I think and view things. I know some people worry when people begin to change but change is a continuous thing. If I ever stop changing I think something would be seriously wrong. I want God to be constantly changing me; molding me and making me into who I am supposed to be for Him.

I have seen over the last few months how everything in life is used in some way to work out for God's glory. I realize people say things like this all the time but how much do we really believe it, fully? Many times we find ourselves in situations where we really question how God could use the situation to better us and to give Him glory in the end. In everything He has a purpose. Even in the little things we consider ridiculous. He has a plan. He has always had a plan. If He cares about the birds and has a reason for their existence how much more does He care for us and have a plan for each little part of our lives? He loves us and wants nothing more than to show us how much He cares. When circumstances come in our lives and we don't see how God could have any part in it the amazing thing is...maybe He didn't. Maybe whatever happened was not in his original plan for our lives but through the circumstance He was able to bring us closer to Him and let us see how much He loves us. He was able to completely surround us and say, "I love you". Through the things we see as horrible or an inconvenience God brings us to another chapter of our life that He has been preparing us for. We may not always see his hand in motion but He is painting a beautiful picture of our lives. Even in the little things we can see God. In the sunsets, blooming flowers, a child's laugh. In a death, in a relationship, in a marriage, in a broken relationship. In everything we can see God. We may have to search a little harder sometimes but He is always there. Always molding and making things. Creating them to be a beautiful disaster.

My whole point in this blog is to remind us God is in everything. In the big storms of life or the little whispers of the night. He is there. He is even in the little things.