Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why We Do What We Do

It's July! I would just like everyone to know, this past 4th of July I lit a firework and played with a sparkler for the first time in my life. It was the morning of the 4th when I came to the realization that I was almost 20 years old and had never done either of those things before. Luckily, I have friends who made sure I was no longer going to be 'deprived' of those things. One had me light a firework out at his house and I did alright. I lit a roman candle and accidentally hit one at his basketball hoop but don't worry, it didn't catch on fire. Just a few days later my best friend from Missouri came down and brought quite a few sparklers with her and we lit those on my back porch. It was quite an experience! I think I like the sparklers but I will leave the lighting of fireworks to someone else.

As usual, with a new month comes a new thought or story of some kind. Here is my thought for this month...
Why do we do what we do? I know we have all asked ourselves this question one time or another. We hit those walls sometimes, take a step back, and wonder why we even take the time, effort, and patience to do whatever it is we do. Maybe it's being a mom, a teacher, a worker at a job where no one seems to appreciate your work, whatever it is- we have asked ourselves the question.
For a few weeks I had been asking myself that same question. In this case, I was asking myself why I was even teaching on Wednesday nights to the 5-7 yrs. Now, I was not planning on quitting or anything of that nature but I was really discouraged because it seemed that none of the kids really cared. They weren't remembering their Bible verses, they didn't seem to care about the Bible story, - now I will say, the Bible story was partially my fault for not being better prepared.- but overall I thought it was kind of a lost cause. Here's the funny thing though, it's always about that time when something big happens to remind you of why. Almost as if God looks down, sees your discouragement, and says,"Wait child, wait and see what's about to happen."
My questions were answered this past week. Let me rewind back to Sunday and get to Wednesday. Sunday morning I was teaching with Mrs. Copeland in the 3-5 yrs class. Little Jackson has been saved for a while now and I had really been praying about his older brother, Drew. Drew seems to analyze everything and most any decision he makes takes thought and consideration. That morning we had been talking about salvation and Drew seemed to understand everything, all he needed to do was say the prayer. I had asked him about it and he said he didn't want to yet. I left it alone and hoped God was working on his little heart. Now let's fast forward to Wednesday. I am in the jr. church room when Drew and Jack run in. Jack is all excited and says," Ms. Jackie, Drew has something to tell you!" I said,"You do, Drew? What is it?!" He looks really shy and says,"I want to tell you in our classroom." When we got in the class room Jack said," Tell her, Drew!" Drew looked at me and said," I got saved this morning." I was so glad and gave him a big hug, told him how proud I was, and made a big deal about it. The story doesn't stop there. I can just imagine God saying, " You don't even know what's going to happen next." I really didn't either. Right after Drew told his story about talking to his mom and getting saved another little boy a little older than Drew said, " What's getting saved and salvation?" Before I could get a chance to answer Drew said," It's when you ask Jesus to come in your heart and forgive you of your sins and then you can go to heaven!" Tyres said, " I want to get saved." From the mouth of a child came truth and caused another child to want what he had. During the lesson time I had Leann teach while I took Tyres back in another room and led him to Christ. To see his face when he realized he was a child of God and he had a heavenly Father was enough. God seemed to say, "See? It's not in vain." Those few weeks I had of asking myself why I was even doing what I do was answered with a short and simple answer. The answer-Because it is the little things that make it all worth while. Every snotty nose, dirty hand, selfish tear, scream, or shout is all met with something good. Those things are met with a child's smile, hug, kiss on the cheek, thank you's, laughter and giggles, I love you's, and sometimes; not very often but often enough, a child will come to the Lord and become part of a whole new family.

So when you are feeling discouraged about your call in life- maybe it's not a life long call but something you know you are supposed to be doing for a season- don't give up. Hang on just a little bit longer because something amazing is soon to happen. Something you probably never expected. Something that reminds you God is still in control of everything even when you aren't so sure.

Why do we do what we do? Because one little thing will happen that will make everything worth it. Break through the wall that is seemingly stopping you and see what God has waiting for you on the other side. You might be surprised!

Until next time,