Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So i'm sittin' here and am very thankful for lazy Sundays. I do not like the idea of going back to school tomorrow but I am anxious to finish up the rest of the semester and be done for a few weeks.This month has been really good! From my birthday close to the beginning of the month to my grandfather's we celebrated yesterday.

Thanksgiving was good! I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday.

My best friend, Amanda, came down from missouri and we were able to spend time together. We took her niece and Josh's little brother to the zoo Friday afternoon. Amanda swears up and down us taking them to the zoo is the start of their friendship. I think she is sadly mistaken but the kids did have fun together either way.

I was able to spend time with Josh too! I didn't have to worry about school or tests or work. It was very good. My family went to his house Friday afternoon and both my family and his shot guns and spent time together. It was a little bit weird for me because that was the first time both his parents and mine were all together at the same time. It went well though.

Friday night my dad, Josh, and I went to an indoor soccer lock-in at ISA. We met up with some people I work with and had a small team built up. Played about 12 different games from midnight til about four that morning. Needless to say I slept til almost 12 the next day.

Yesterday began with getting all the Christmas decorations out and my brother, Amanda, and I decorated the house. By the time the decorating was over we were able to celebrate my grandfather's 63rd birthday. We had plenty of food and a great fire going on in the firepit. Fires are amazing!! Along with family Amanda was here to celebrate too and Josh came over a little bit later to help celebrate.

Aren't you thankful for those Sundays when you don't have to do anything but be lazy? Pretty sure that's why God gave us those. Hope all has been going great with each and every one of you. As we are getting into the holiday season let's try to enjoy each and every lazy Sunday we can get. We are going to need it, I'm sure!

Until next time,