Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's a Boy!

That's right, everyone! We are having a boy! We found out Monday and got to see his little face,  hands, feet, and hear his heartbeat again. The ultrasound tech was able to tell right off the bat we have a little boy growing in there. We debated back and forth for a long time whether we were going to invite our mom's to go with us but in the end decided it should just be him and me. I think that was the best decision and it was very special for us.
That night we met our parents, my sister, and her husband at a steakhouse and bought everyone blue drinks to make the announcement! There was hollering and cheering and clapping and apparently there were bets being made between our parents on the way to the steakhouse.
I am now 18 weeks along and feel great. The baby is moving more and more. Josh was able to feel him move for the first time just the other day. Yes, I cried and he was so excited! Baby B was kicking up a storm there for a little while.
 We took about a week off from work and painted the nursery monkey colors! Our theme is Curious George...if anyone wanted to know. We also finished some stuff on the 'honey-do list' that has been needing to get done for a while. Josh woke up this morning pretty sick. I must say this is the first time I have taken care of Josh while he is actually sick (not just a cough and runny nose). Thankfully, we don't get sick that often I guess.
We just recently celebrated our three year anniversary! It's seems like we just got married a few months ago at times and here we are expecting our first baby. It has been a roller coaster ride so far and I think we are about to get on a new roller coaster filled with loops, dark tunnels, and a few sharp turns. It's all about who's sitting in the seat beside you though that makes the ride fun, right? I know I have the one God chose for me sitting right beside me. That's all that matters.  Sometimes I find myself taking a mental step back and seeing how our life is unfolding. I gotta say, this picture is way better than the one I ever imagined for myself. God continues to show us just exactly who He is and we are grateful every day for each of his blessings. I'm really trying to learn how to just be still and know that our awesome Heavenly Father has every single thing under His control. At times I get anxious about stuff and begin to worry but I am constantly reminded that He's got this! He's got the whole thing and all I need to do is enjoy the ride; trust Him. Sometimes that's easier said than done and it's a lesson I don't know if I will ever come to completely understand but I do know this- He's teaching me every single day.
I don't have anything too deep to say this go-around but sometimes it's the simple things that count. So here it is put simply- love God, love others, enjoy life, trust when life is fun AND when it gets rocky because God didn't promise that every step would be easy.
You'll hear from me again soon! Don't you know Autumn is my favorite season? I always find more things to write about when there are so many festivities!

Until next time,

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's About Time...

Since it has been over a year ago since I last posted anything I figured it was about time to do so.
Just about everything from A to Z has happened since my post last July; so I'll start with August of 2013.

August I started nursing school back up. I cried daily for about a week straight and a quite a few times in the months following. The idea that I was starting all over again was unbearable. I didn't think I had the strength or willpower to complete it. God came through; just like He always does. He strengthened me and maybe I didn't always push forward for the right reasons but nevertheless, I pushed on. Many times, it was out of the desire to prove to the previous teachers and director over me I was called to be a nurse, no matter what they thought about me. God has called me from a very young age to be a nurse and I could not let what they thought or said get in the way of what God had destined inside me. I spent 10 grueling months in a fast paced program! You know what though? I learned a heck of a lot more than I did before. I had teachers that wanted us to learn, believed in each one of us, and wanted to see us succeed. The whole class dynamics were much different. We were a team, a group on the same journey with the same goals in mind. Did I get along with everyone? Nope, quite a few people I couldn't stand but I had a group of people who became close and dear to me.
Fast forward to June 13th, 2014- I graduated from nursing school. Fast forward to August 4th, 2014- I took the NCLEX and passed. I am now a certified practical nurse!

Josh and I saved up some money and lived in our camper trailer for 1 year and 1 month. It was definitely an adventure and I would do it again in a heartbeat if we needed to. We learned so much about each other; how to work in a small environment together, and since we didn't have much room we learned how to just sit there and talk (when I wasn't studying). I became closer with his family and he with mine. In May, we bought our first house. I haven't figured out how to use all the room we have but I'm sure I'll find some way. We have an acre of land and a huge back porch; the back porch is my favorite part of the house.

Back in March, during spring break, Josh and I decided to start trying for a baby. About a week ago I took a pregnancy test that came back positive. Josh was away on a job and didn't have cell
service. He made me promise before he left if I found anything out I would tell him immediately. Although I wanted to wait for him to come home and tell him, I ended up sending him an email. (Boo; I know). Regardless, he was excited! We had our first appointment yesterday and according to the doctor I am just over 5 weeks pregnant and the estimated due date is April 7th, 2015. We are trying to not get too excited until after the 1st Trimester (just in case) but it's kind of hard when I can physically feel the changes going on in my body right now. We surprised our parents last Sunday when we had them over for a fish fry. They definitely were not expecting anything and it felt good to see so much excitement in their faces when we told them.

Father God never ceases to amaze me. His blessings flow abundantly. I know not everything in life is rainbows and butterflies but I can say I see His hand move in every situation; both good and bad. He may allow me to carry this baby full term and He may allow me to miscarry. I am aware either could be the result. I don't want to speak that over the baby growing inside. God knows my heart and knows the heart of my husband. All we can do now is trust and know his will is what we want most in our lives.

Since school is over and Summer is coming to a close, I am hoping to have more free time to write. I don't know who all reads my posts but it's a type of therapy for me that I have missed doing. If you read it, great; if you don't, that's okay too.

Until next time,