Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tribute to my Mother

With it being Mother's Day what better way to show appreciation for your mother than to tribute a special post just for her.

My mom is amazing. She was there for me from the day I was born; held me when I cried, kissed my owies, rocked me, loved me. I hope that when I am a mother I am at least half the Mom she is. She is one of the strongest people I know. The love she has for others is a kind of love I will never have.

My mom is one of my closest friends. I share almost everything with her. We have gone through some trialing times over the last few months and even though we may not see eye to eye on issues all the time I respect her and stand behind her in the decisions she makes and continues to make. She is one of my heroes! How God allowed me to have her for a mother I'll never know but He knew what he was doing when he chose her for me.

She listens when I want to talk. She gives advice even when I don't want to hear it. She forgives when I can't find it possible. She brought me up to love the Lord and to always follow his leading. As a child she taught me Scripture. She gave up alot to raise me. She could have sent me off to school and have her days free but she chose to homeschool me in order for me to have the best education possible. I can never thank her enough for that. She kept me from alot of things I could do without. She could have sent me off to school after my sister and brother came along because it would be too difficult to teach me and keep up with two other kids that were only 15 months apart but she didn't. When they got old enough we were all sitting at our little desks.

Thanks Mom, for every chocolate chip cookie, every kiss, every hug, every peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Thank you for every story, every bath with Mr. Bubbles in it, for every lesson, every spanking, every lecture. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for the late night conversations. For letting me cry in your arms. Thank you for doing my laundry, and making sure I always had home cooked meals. Thank you for having patience with me as a child, thank you for not getting angry at every accident I made. Thank you for every silly song, for not always being a stuck up adult who didn't know how to have fun. Thank you for instilling in me a sense of adventure and wonder. Thank you for bringing me up going to church and learning about a Savior who died for me. I could go on and on with my thank yous but the thing I want to thank you most for... Thank you, mom, for being the best mom you know how to be! I love you!! Happy Mother's Day!

until next time,