Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time has Gotten Away

I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote. I don't even know where to begin to explain what all has been going on. I guess let me start with saying, I've been busy. Work, husband, life in general has kept me on the go and when I finally do find time to just relax there seems to be something that needs to be done. Whether it's a load of laundry or dusting; or maybe it's just the fact I can't sit still for too lond so I am always finding something to do.
If you don't know, I have been accepted in the LPN program here in Burns Flat. I will start next month and will finish in about a year. I am excited and scared at the same time. I don't know how it will all work but I just have to have faith that God will work it out for me.
My job has gotten better. As you know, I really didn't like it at first but it seems the more I work there the more grace God has given me. He has given me more patience and a greater love for people. Don't get me wrong because I still have days where I just don't want to be there whatsoever but there are days too when I know it's what I'm supposed to be doing, for the time being anyway.
Josh has been keeping busy with work. He is continuing to learn more tools and they continue to have a job for him somewhere. I can't complain though. This last week he has come home to me just about every night
We have decided to buy land on his grandfather's farm. Another relative is wanting to sell his share and Josh wants to build a house on that land in the future. I support him 100% and think that although we may not be able to do anything with the land right now maybe ten years from now we can raise our kids there. The same way he was raised on that land too.
We went on a little vacation back at the end of May to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was beautiful! I told Josh if he ever got transferred to Tennessee I would not complain. It's just so peaceful. We stayed in a little secluded cabin up in the mountains and was able to drive through the Smokies and do some sight seeing.
We are going camping at the end of this month for a week. I am looking forward to it very much! A family friend was selling their little camper and it is just the right size for us. We bought it and Gabe is cleaning it up for us and fixing some little things in the camper before we go. I'm glad Gabe offered to do it for us because I am working up to the day before we leave. I have a day off here and there but not enough time to do stuff for the camper. He has done a really good job on it so far so I have to give him his props. THANKS GABE!! I LOVE YOU!!
We have found a church we like in Elk City. Their heart is all for the things of God. They are just on fire with His love right now and you can feel it when you walk in the building. It is great! We have not joined or anything yet but we have gone there for about a month now.
Speaking of church and having a Mother-in-law has gone on a mission trip to India with a group from God's House and Branded by God. They will be there for two weeks and basically what they are doing is taking kids off the street, giving them food and shelter (they have built orphanages), and just showing them God's love. They are fathering the fatherless. I don't think they could have picked a better woman to go. Children are her heart. Pray for them as they should be arriving today I believe. Pray not only their eyes and hearts will be open, but also the eyes and hearts of the children they will be ministering to.
On a completely separate note but one I would like to address. It has come to my attention some people think Josh and I did not 'wait' til marriage. Here I am setting the record straight. YES WE DID! Believe me, I know! If you have questions or want to ask me about stuff then do so. I promise I won't be mad. I'd rather you tell me stuff to my face then go talk to other people about it. I am not mad now but that is something very serious to me.
I guess that's really about it for now. My life is busy but I'm loving every minute of it. God provides and blesses us continually. I can't complain.

Until next time,