Monday, October 10, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Looks like I found time to write again before the wedding! Things are still running smoothly and we haven't had any major problems. Hopefully that doesn't happen at all but I am expecting it... just in case. Even though we are only 12 days away now it seems like time is moving so slow. I am glad it is though because I know in the next few days everything is going to be a speedy roller coaster that won't stop 'til after the wedding.

I told you in the last post that Josh and I decided to rent until we found exactly what we were looking for. Before I tell you the story about it I just want to say, God is awesome! We had an agent we started looking at houses with a few weeks ago. After looking at houses and deciding to rent, we went to the housing authority there in Burnsflat to get put on a list and told we were number 15 on the list so it would probably take about a month before we could get into a house. They also said the list is ever changing and be ready for a call. About two weeks later we decided to go back and look at more houses. He had to pay his bill for the lot he is staying on so we went in to pay that and afterwards we decided to stop in at the housing authority to see how the list was looking. What ended up happening was because he hadn't payed his bill yet they really hadn't put our name on the list for a house. So... they then put us on the list and we weren't sure if we would have to stay in the camper trailer for a few weeks after marriage (which is fine) or if we'd be able to get a house before then. Anyway, we were finally put on the list and two days later we got a call saying they had a house for us to move into the next week. If that's not God I don't know what is. We are going this week to sign the papers for the house and hopefully we should be able to start moving in the same day! I told you God is awesome!

My family will start showing up this coming weekend for the wedding! Nona is going to help me with flower arrangements and a few more minor things. We will probably still be getting moved into the house and getting the last minute stuff done. I will be in constant motion I'm sure.

We are having our bachelor and bachelorette parties the Thursday before the wedding. I am excited about that!! The girls on his side of the family i.e. mom, aunts, cousins, etc. took me out for a surprise bachelorette party this past weekend. It was great! I saw sides of these girls I had never seen before. My mom was in on the secret and joined us. I am glad she was able to come. It was a night filled with fun, laughter, secrets, and advice; mixed in with Italian food and Karaoke!

Josh came home early Saturday to surprise me! He wasn't supposed to get off until Wednesday/Thursday of this coming week. He finished the job he was on fairly early on Saturday and they weren't starting any jobs 'til Monday which meant he had Sunday off. Saturday night he and I sat down and made the program for the wedding to give to the necessary people. I tell you that program is a step by step instruction. We really worked hard on it.

God also blessed us with rain this weekend! It was so nice to see it continuously fall like it did. The minute we thought it would start letting up it would start right back up again.

Continue to pray for us in the coming week. So much is going on we will need God's strength and wisdom to accomplish what needs to be done!

Until next time,