Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And the Count Down Begins

I can't believe I am only a few weeks away from being married. I always thought it was dumb when people started counting down the days when they were still in the 100's but here I am only 23 days away! I am counting down, definitely!

Everything has really ran quite smoothly in the last two months or so. It ended up the event that took our place in the venue room we wanted got canceled, therefore we got it back which was a real blessing to me! I am so thankful for being able to get the room we originally wanted.

We now have everything set for the honeymoon. All we need to do is print off the paperwork! We have the dresses back from being altered. We have all the guys fitted for their tuxes. We have the menu set, a lot of decorations, a plan for the flowers, the music list, a place booked for the wedding night, all the invitations sent out and RSVPs already coming back in. We are still looking for a home but have decided we will rent before we jump into buying anything we may regret later. We know God will work everything out for us so it is not something we are worrying. He has worked everything out thus far, there's no reason to start doubting Him now.

People have been such a true blessing during this busy, exciting, stressful time. It amazes me how people I hardly know have stepped up and gone above and beyond to help me get things running smoothly. All I have had to do was mention an idea and someone steps up and says,"I can do that!" or," let me talk to so-and-so and see if they can do something..." A lot of it has been word of mouth. It all spreads like a wild fire!

The next time I post I will probably be a married woman! Pray for both me and Josh in the days to come because neither one of us know what to expect; in the days before the wedding and the weeks and months after we are married. I am so excited to be marrying the man God has created for me and I for him!

Until next time,