Friday, December 31, 2010

Fighting for something

Another month has gone by and here I am again. Christmas was wonderful and we are now getting ready to celebrate the new year. Let me recap Christmas real quick for you: My dad's family was able to come over Christmas day to have Christmas dinner with us. Josh was able to come over as well because he celebrated Christmas with his family on Christmas eve. Later in the day, Amanda was also able to come over and be with us. All in all Christmas was great. I know it's not all about the presents but let's face it; sometimes that's the most exciting part. I was given awesome Vans from my parents, and a book that contains Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, from my brother and sister, and a beautiful necklace from Josh. Those were the best ones on my list!

Now that I recapped quickly I want to write about something which has been on my mind for the last few days.

We all fight for something; even someone who says they don't care about anything at all. In the end, I promise you, they will have fought for something in their life because they cared about something to some extent. In my life I have fought for many things. We, being in our human nature, will go through life continually fighting. Maybe not the physical kicking and punching but verbally, spiritually, emotionally....we fight. We fight for ourselves. We fight for others. We fight for those we love. We fight just for the sake of fighting sometimes.
Being in a relationship for almost 6 months now it never occurred to me to even consider what would happen if the relationship Josh and I are in started getting hard. Now let me say this because I know the way it sounded made it sound like our relationship has not been hard at all. It has not been the easiest thing in the world but it definitely is nowhere near the hardest thing in the world either. We have both worked at different areas in our relationship together and have become stronger both separately and together because of it. About a month ago Josh was offered a job working for a very large company. In taking this job though he would have to move 2 hours away, work about 140 hours a week with 11 days on and 3 days off. The good in taking this job is he would have a pay raise, benefits and other perks, insurance, and would be able to move up in the company in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, when he first told me about the opportunity offered to him I was terrified but knew it was all God's doing and He is the one who placed this amazing opportunity in Josh's lap. It would be crazy if he didn't accept. We both know this will be hard on our relationship but agree it will cause us to be stronger both individually and together and will make our relationship stronger too because we will have to put more into it.
Every girl out there needs assurance. Guys can be told something once and they don't need to hear it again. We girls, on the other hand, may need to hear something ten times before we really believe it. Or maybe it's not that we don't believe it but we just need the reassurance that whatever it is hasn't changed since the last time it was said. Last night I came to ask myself,"If push came to shove and something happened....would he (Josh) fight for me?" Once again, not necessarily in the physical manner of fighting (although I don't think anyone would want to take on a guy of Josh's stature) but in all other senses of the word would he fight for me? Every girl wants to know if they will be fought for. I think I knew from the very beginning of our relationship he would fight for me but I had never specifically come out and asked. I never needed to ask but like I said... we girls need to hear things a few times. Tonight he and I were able to talk about it and I did come out and just ask him if he would. Although I think he was taken back somewhat that I had even asked, he answered the way I knew he would and assured me he would fight for me, for our relationship, and would not have a problem fighting any guy who may come along. Personally, fighting for someone is a pivotal thing in a relationship. If you do not have the guts to fight for someone or fight for the relationship at all, there is no reason to even be in the relationship. Now, there is a difference as well. If you see the relationship just will not work out and it's not supposed to be, don't fight for something that is wrong. If it's right though fight with every bit of strength you have and don't give up just because it gets hard and the other person may not be fighting as hard as you, or possibly at all.
I am not the type of person to display my emotions well, especially if it involves tears. Josh thought something was wrong with me the rest of the night after asking him the question that had been burning in my head for so long. Truth be told, there was nothing wrong with me at all. I was simply happy. I was trying not to bawl my eyes out in front of him. He gave me one of the greatest assurances a girl could ask for. He would fight for something, but not just something, someone- me.
I don't mean for this post to be all about me. Sometimes the best way to get a message across is to use personal examples. My point out of this whole thing is to just remember to always fight for something, because when no one fights for anything, we have nothing. What will you fight for in this new year to come?

Until next time,