Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where Do I Begin...

These last few weeks have been crazy! My family and I just got back from a vacation to the East coast. We went for a wedding but it ended up being more like a family reunion. That was the very first time all 17 cousins were together. We stayed with my uncle, aunt, and their 3 kids who live there in SC. I really enjoyed staying with them. I didn't know them very well because we aren't able to see them very often but by staying with them I learned so much about my cousins and became very close with them.

The wedding was beautiful! It was set up high in the mountains and the scenery was breath taking. The ceremony was held outside and it overlooked mountains on top of mountains filled with green trees. You know how it is when after a rain everything has this beautiful green color to it; that is exactly how it looked. Absolutely gorgeous!

After the wedding we stayed at a beach house in Beaufort, SC for a few days. The weather was cool the first few days we were there but on the last day the sun came out and we were able to take off our jackets, sweatshirts, and blankets we were running around with and get in our bathing suits and enjoy the sun. My dad, Papa, and uncles caught nearly a dozen shark so we were able to have shark for dinner one night. I had never eaten shark before but it was very good. I recommend it if you haven't tried it.

The Sunday night we were there we were able to visit the church my grandparents used to attend when they lived in SC. I remember going there as a little kid when we would come back to the states for a visit. It was neat seeing the church still going strong and on fire for God.

Sunday morning we went to church with my uncle. The whole service was moving and I want to share my experience with you!

We went to church that morning with my uncle, his family, and other relatives. It was not like a service I personally have been to in a long time. The choir was enthusiastic about the song they sang. When it was time for the special a woman went to the front and sang, "The Wonder of it All" If you don't know that song here are a few lines: "And the wonder of wonder that thrills my soul, is the wonder that God loves me. The wonder of it all. The wonder of it all. Just to think that God loves me. Oh the wonder of it all, the wonder of it all. Just to think that God loves me." While this lady was singing she stopped in the middle of the song and began crying. She tried to continue singing but was so emotional she began gaving a testimony instead. She said," With everything I have gone thru the last few months. I sometimes wake up in the morning not wanting to do certain things I need to do. You know what I mean, we don't always feel like being as Christlike as we should be." She continued by saying," But it truly does amaze me that God could love me. He doesn't have to have anything to do with me but yet He chooses to love me and care for me. That in and of itself is a wonder!" People all around the church were saying their Amens and Hallujahs and shouting their agreements. It was beautiful! She finished the song, walked down, and the pastor went behind the pulpit to begin his sermon when a man in the congregation stood up and asked if he could give a quick testimony. He began saying how good God was and telling of the different things God had done for him over the last month. How God was always there for him and he just praised God for who He was. People again began agreeing and raising their hands in praise.

Let me pause right here and say, at this point I was already moved by the Holy Spirit. He had already begun working on my heart. I was amazed at how all these people were so on fire for God and was ready to share the flame.

The message was simple. The preacher spoke of the holiness of God. This is something we as Christians know but the way he brought the message across hit me right between the eyes. We all know Christ is holy but have we ever really sat and thought about his holiness? The preacher spoke of the the type of angels that surround the mercy seat crying,"Holy, holy, holy." How they are in such adoration of God and how they have 6 pair of wings they use to cover themselves when in the presence of God because He is so holy. The preacher brought many points home.
I left the church building that day in such a mix of emotions. I felt joy and peace, humility and pride, I felt lifted up but at the same time I was brought to my knees.
I mean really think about it with me a minute... Isn't it truly a wonder how the God of the universe; the Alpha and Omega, the One who is most holy, loves us? He loves us so much He knows the number of hairs on our head. He gives us life each and every day, He gives us breath, He allows us blessings and miracles we are so unworthy and undeserving of; He loves us. Think about it for a minute...if we were to stand before a king or queen here on earth would we not bow in reverence before them or show them high honor? But what do we do with God? He is the King of Kings but when is the last time we fell on our knees before Him? When is the last time we were in true adoration of God simply because He is God? He is the most holy and we are his children but many times, people would never know we represent such majesty Yet even though we don't act like a child of the Most High he loves us anyway. He wants us to be with Him. His mercy is everlasting and new every single morning. We don't deserve anything but look at what He has blessed us with! It truly is a wonder! I am proud to be called his Child but humbled because I know I don't deserve to be.

It seems as I have been going thru the motions of life lately. You know what i'm talking about. Where we just get in a routine- Sunday morning go to church, sings hymns we don't even pay attention to the words, Sunday night do the same thing, and Wednesday (even though we don't feel like it) we go to church and sit thru a Bible study.
I can't remember the last time a person in our church was moved to tears by a special in song. I can't remember the last time a member of the congregation just wanted to stand up and testify on how God was working in their life. I feel many of us are lukewarm and just going thru the motions of our faith. Can you imagine the possibilities if a whole church would catch a fire for God and let it burn with every fiber of their being?!
My prayer is that a fire would catch. I pray the Holy Spirit will blow on the hot embers and cause a fire to reignite not only within me but within our church. People would again become excited at the mere majesty and holiness of God!

This is probably a weird kind of post but something that has been with me for the last week. I needed to get it out and thought you might be able to get something from it as well.

Until next time,