Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Just One

Hold the phone! No, seriously. Hang on just a minute. One whole year ago I brought a baby boy into this world. That was a year ago? I don't know how I feel about my little boy already being one year old. I know I can't slow down time but oh, how I wish I could. I will admit, I cried on his birthday. My son can walk and talk and let you know exactly how he feels about something. He is smart. He is funny. HE IS SASSY! He knows how to push my buttons and give me the silliest grin when he is in trouble and he knows it. He's one of the best things that's ever happened in my life.

Nearly every night I pray and ask God to guide me in raising Beringer. I want Beringer to know Christ. Not just know ABOUT Him; not just sing songs or hear stories but truly KNOW God the Father and have a personal relationship with Him. It's my job to lead by example. Do the words I say and the things I do show my son his mother has relationship with Jesus? I know he's just one but he's still watching and listening. Yes, he's just one but he's taking in the world around him like a sponge.

Just one. How many things happen with "just one"...? It takes just one word to bring laughter or tears. Just one touch to bring love or pain. Just one smile to brighten someone's day. Just one glare to turn a day dark. Just one choice can bring life or death. How strong is the realization of just one?! Just one person can change the world. Just one person did change the world when He took our sins to the cross.

My Beringer boy is just one yet, he has a lifetime of "just one's" ahead of him. I, as his mother, must remember that my "just one's" impact his life daily. It takes one remark to build confidence or tear it down. It takes one glance to know if I'm watching him and taking interest in what he's doing. One kiss and one hug to let him know he is loved. As he lies asleep beside me I thank God for giving me this blue-eyed, mischievous, little boy and pray that my never ending list of just ones will be mostly positive and uplifting. I know I will falter and make mistakes like every parent does but hopefully my positive outweighs the negative.

So do you get the point of this post? The world is made up of thousands of just one's. Don't take it lightly. Choose wisely, walk humbly.

Until next time,

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